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VOYANT ADVISORS employs an analytical process combining deep fundamental research with expertise in working capital analysis and forensic accounting.

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Leading edge research on unique investment opportunities


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Unique Investment Perspectives from
Murray Stahl

creative insights on equities, fixed income, special situations & cryptocurrencies from horizon kinetics

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Unparelled Insight on Global M&A Activity

chain bridge research publisheS unbiased and independent M&A research with expertise in competition-based analysis

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Since 1982, PCS Research Group has specialized in providing unique, niche-focused research that seeks to capitalize in areas of the capital markets that are ignored or misunderstood by traditional sources of investment research.

Despite the abundance of research produced by typical sell-side research houses, there continues to be corners of the investment landscape that lack deep, insightful analysis. It is within these areas that we believe we can add value for our clients. PCS Research Group represents a select roster of research originators that have been carefully selected for their ability to add value in specific areas of the market that often exhibit inefficiencies.

Our Research Partners

Founded in 2006, Voyant Advisors consists of seven investment professionals seeking to identify publicly traded companies that exhibit significant risk of stock price underperformance. The analytical process blends working capital and forensic accounting with in-depth fundamental research to provide clients with differentiated idea generation of companies with significant and unrecognized risk. Voyant primarily publishes analysis of U.S. and European-listed companies in the technology, telecom, consumer, industrial and healthcare sectors with market capitalization of $1 billion and above, and daily trading volume of $15 million and above.

The Institutional Research Group (IRG) was formed in January 2008 to produce investment research focused on "special situation" investments, with a focus on spin-off transactions. Three distinct subscription services are published by IRG: The Spin-Off Report, The European Spin-Off & Restructuring Report, and Hidden Opportunities.

The Spin-Off Report and European Spin-Off & Restructuring Report, published in collaboration with Horizon Kinetics, provide detailed analysis of every U.S. and European-listed spin-off transaction.

Hidden Opportunities provides detailed examinations of U.S.-listed small and mid-cap companies that trade at compelling discounts to their sum-of-the-parts valuations with potential for a value-unlocking event such as spin-off or asset sale.

Produced in collaboration with Horizon Kinetics :

The Horizon Research Group, founded in 1994 and headed by Murray Stahl, consists of ten investment analysts responsible for the publication of five distinct research services. These services cover a range of investment strategies and asset classes. Three services are dedicated to the identification of undervalued companies, while others are focused on short sale opportunities, fixed-income investing, and spin-off transactions.

In addition to the publication of comprehensive investment recommendations, Murray holds a weekly meeting devoted to the discussion of investment ideas and themes within the scope of one particular research service. The scope of each week’s discussion rotates between the areas covered by the seven research services. These meetings produce the Compendium reports which are included as part of each service. These publications provide Murray with a forum for discussing investment themes and framing new company-specific investment theses. The Compendium reports have also been the primary channel through which Murray has communicated his views on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2004, Chain Bridge Research publishes three independent research services producing unbiased investment recommendations and analysis in global mergers and acquisitions.  Gábor Szabó leads the analyst team. He is joined by three other dedicated analysts with extensive experience in the M&A space.

Three regionally focused M&A services cover every transaction in North and South America, Europe and APAC with a target market capitalization greater than $500 million. Each service provides in-depth fundamental research and trading recommendations on every deal. Daily notes and weekly updates keep clients current on all deals under coverage, supplemented by ongoing news and analysis covering legal issues, shareholder approval, sector strategies, counter-bidders, valuation and timing. Extensive research on potential acquisition targets is also provided.