Forensic Edge

A New Forensic System Built to Identify and Manage Portfolio Risk

Unique quantitative metrics combine with on-demand qualitative analysis to uncover unforeseen threats to your investment performance.

Forensic Edge was developed by the independent research group Voyant Advisors. Founded in 2006, Voyant has provided subscription-based investment research and consulting services to many leading asset managers and hedge funds throughout the world. These services have differentiated themselves from traditional investment research by identifying opportunities through a unique blend of forensic accounting and fundamental analysis. This process leverages the skillset of an analyst team consisting of former auditors, CPAs and CFAs with extensive investment research experience.

Over 500 companies across North America, Europe and Asia have been comprehensively analyzed and published upon by Voyant Advisors. Each of these investment recommendations were generated from a bottom-up research process that begins quantitatively and progresses through a rigorous fundamental review. The quantitative system has been adjusted and refined over many years of real-world experience to capture balance sheet, revenue, and earning quality risk that is often overlooked by traditional investment research processes. Voyant Advisors created the Forensic Edge platform to give investors access to this unique set of quantitative tools, while providing on-demand qualitative analysis from an experienced team.

Unconventional quantitative analytics to identify hidden risk.

Over 4000 companies across North America and Europe are systematically rated by 12 proprietary metrics that have been refined over 10 years of real-world use. 

On-demand qualitative analysis 

With one click, have your highest-priority investments qualitatively reviewed by our experienced analyst team. These reviews sharpen the risk assessment process by adjusting for non-quantifiable factors and integrating additional sources of data. 

Continuous portfolio monitoring & screening tools 

Portfolio monitoring provides real-time email alerts that pinpoint hidden risks, while a unique screening tool creates custom filters for the identification of high-risk companies to avoid or sell short.