The Hidden Opportunities Report

Hidden Opportunities provides in-depth analysis of North American small and mid-cap companies that present a compelling sum-of-the-parts valuation with a potential future catalyst. This unique approach is based on a set of predictive attributes evidenced by our internal research process to be precursors to a value-unlocking event. Such events include spin-offs, carve outs, assets sales and outright takeovers.
The service aims to present these situations to clients long before the likelihood of such events are evident in the marketplace and reflected in the share price. The scope of our research process also includes ongoing or potential activist involvement, restructuring trends within a particular industry and the strategic rational behind separating disparate business segments.
The service consists of the following:
Comprehensive Investment Recommendations

• 10-12 in-depth (20+ page) company-specific investment ideas per year
• Analysis focusing on sum-of-the-parts valuations, industry trends, activist investors, managerial turnover, board composition and other predictive attributes for value-unlocking events

Update Reports
• Periodic updates on companies under coverage and their progress towards a value unlocking event
• Includes updated fair value estimates, analysis of recent financial results and other developments relevant to our investment thesis

Radar Screen

• Monthly publication providing ongoing analysis on 20-25 companies where we see potential for a value-unlocking event
• A similar company may have recently announced a spin-off, the company may be under investor pressure to consider strategic alternatives or the current segments may lack operational and supply chain synergies

For sample research reports and analyst bios, please visit  Please contact us at +1-212-233-0100 if you have questions regarding the service or would like to subscribe.